Absence and Attendance

PowerApps and Power Automate

We have developed an absence system for managing staff sickness and holiday. We have also created an attendance tracking system.


Our absence system sits on SharePoint and records all holidays, sickness and absence, which is then shown on a shared company calendar. There is a simple email authorisation process for the manager who can then accept and or reject the request, which triggers an update email to the staff member. Staff can see at a glance how much holiday they have taken and have left.


Ever wondered if Tony is in the office or out visiting clients? Is Sue still off sick? Our simple attendance system provides a quick at a glance view of who is in the office and who is working elsewhere.

Customised to your needs

Our attendance and absence are built on the Microsoft Office 365 framework and use PowerApps and Power Automate to manage and control data which is stored on SharePoint. It is then modified for each client to meet their requirements.


Absence records can then be further added to using our CPD module.



What our customers say:

The Winston Group

"A great solution that allowed all parties to keep their legacy systems while transforming the effectiveness of our internal processes." Mita Shah, Accountant