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At HG Technology, our focus is delivering customised solutions to help your business optimise operations and achieve competitive advantage. Our team of accountants and technical developers works with you to gain an extensive understanding of your business and combines this with industry experience of cloud technology to come up with perfect-fit solutions.


Innovation needs to create opportunities: new customers, new markets, simplified working practices or a stronger infrastructure. Recent technology changes are about collaboration, 24-hour anywhere-access and automation. Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft SharePoint (and Azure) and Google all provide an infrastructure that helps your business take advantage of these changes. But which one is best for your business? Ask us.


SharePoint Search

Technology has been transforming the world for centuries and now it’s faster than ever. It is not enough simply to stay afloat. The real challenge is changing to keep ahead. Advanced analytics and the latest tools ensure you are fully equipped to make meaningful decisions about the future.. We provide solutions that keep you dynamic and transforming every day. The implementation process is understanding your business and taking the time to understand its specific requirements. CRM should lead to business growth by making new customer acquisition easier and maintaining current relationships. We carry out a detailed discovery process, this feeds into the definition of requirements underpinned by tangible benefits. These two phases lead into design, followed by actual development.

Finance Systems

We provide finance and technology expertise to ensure that your finance system replacement project is completed to time and on budget.

Supplier Review

There are a lots of I.T. suppliers, how do you evaluate them and make sure you partner with a company that shares your expectations. We provide experience and insight to help you review the market and make an informed choice.


Whether you require a finance system, an operations system or a combination of both with Enterprise Resource Planning we can provide the project management expertise to help you make the right choice.


We help business become information driven.
Read more on our reporting page and see some example reports.

What our customers say:

McKay Securities PLC

"The advice and guidance offered by HG Technology allowed us to make informed choices about the future of our IT infrastructure and how it will support the business." Andy Phillips, Finance Manager