Microsoft Dynamics 365

Satisfied customers mean healthy business. An effective Customer Relationship Management system is essential for meeting modern customer expectations and securing recurring deals. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing a quality service and building long-lasting relationships.

Why should your business use it?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM uses smart analytics and Artificial Intelligence to manage your customer information from the point of lead generation right through the sales process. Bring together your Marketing, Sales and Service departments to ensure every customer interaction is a success. Smooth integration with the Office 365 package of applications comes as standard.

Client experience

Centralise your clients’ data to make their experience more intuitive by giving them the independence to edit their details and view their orders, reducing the need to initiate queries and wait for replies. Not only does this save your employees time, it makes your clients feel empowered.

Customised to your needs

Like most software, it might not be the perfect out of the box application. That’s where we come in. Our experienced team works with you to find the best way to merge your existing data and business strategies with the new system so it’s ready to go live when you are. Whether you want a grand opening or a behind-the-scenes transition, we adjust the application to fit your needs.


The most important part of the implementation process is understanding your business and taking the time to understand the specific requirements. CRM should lead to business growth by making new customer acquisition easier and through maintaining current relationships. We carry out a detailed discovery process, this feeds into the definition of requirements underpinned by tangible benefits. These two phases lead into design, followed by actual development.


SharePoint Search

CRM Account screen with Outlook integration

SharePoint Search

Modified Forms

Off the shelf CRM forms probably won't exactly meet your needs, but with a little bit of manipulation from the HG team, we can create bespoke forms containing all the information you need.


Create visual reporting dashboards that use your CRM data and present it to you in an interactive view. Use these dashboards to make sure you never miss that next big sale and instil a philosophy of making informed business decisions.

Marketing Automation

Implement digital marketing automation directly into your CRM. Feed client information between the two to ensure that you’re always on top of your customer relationships.
Click Dimensions is our partner for marketing automation.

Web Interface

Dynamics CRM is accessed via the web and is compatible with all major browsers, which means you can access files from anywhere and on all your devices without downloading a dedicated app. Not only, that it also links directly to Outlook for seamless integration.

What our customers say:

LeBruin Private

"Thanks to their innovative approach and attention to detail, HG Technology has transformed the way we manage our clients. The customised CRM system is not only time-saving, it also improves the success rate of our customer interactions." Fiona Conville, Chief Operating Officer