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SharePoint is Microsoft's answer to the tricky question of where your organisation should be storing its files, documents and data. It is a web-based system built to aid collaboration across your organisation. Document libraries, “list” data tables and security features empower business teams to work together. The customisable platform gives you the ability to control access to information, provides security solutions for confidential files, and automates workflow processes across business units.

Why should your business use it?

In essence SharePoint is a fileserver you are already paying for as part of your Office365 license.
SharePoint provides all the fileserver storage requirements but in addition better search, audit and data management.
Even accidental file deletions are backed up for over 90 days, enabling you to easily restore if you need to.
The SharePoint platform is the most versatile, yet simple, application from Microsoft. Its tight integration with familiar Office applications and Outlook functions are easy to use with minimal training.
As our preferred collaborative platform at HG Technology, we have the experience and know-how to build bespoke platforms for your business. Our process is to work with your team to create a simple and elegant SharePoint site to specifically suit your business needs. We will use a format that makes sense to you, whether you choose to keep your original structure or go for something new.


Discovery, Design, Development, Delivery, Review

Our implementation is a simple, 5-stage process, during which we “discover” your current business structure and operations through discussion, as well as analysis of your data storage. We use this to “design” a solution that meets your needs and is “developed” to be dynamic enough to adapt to future changes and continue to serve you through future technological advances. Our team takes care of the backups and programmes needed for the migration process so you’re always in safe hands. We “deliver” a working system and all the necessary training to your staff so you can get the most out of your new SharePoint, without needless disruptions and delays. We conduct regular “reviews” to ensure we and it can adapt as you discover what it can do for you. Your business can function as normal!

And much, much more!

SharePoint is an infrastructure on which to build. Not only store files, but where you can keep data records and provide easy access to apps that provide true business efficiency.

Typical uses include: attendance recording, HR, template automation, staff onboarding, photo and image management, operating procedures release, agreements and contracts, intranet communication, external securely managed sharing and more!

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SharePoint Search

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Unable to access files that have been “checked out” by a colleague? SharePoint will save you the wait! It allows multiple users to access and edit files simultaneously, while saving a detailed version history so you’re not faced with questionable changes and accidental deletes.

Powerful Searches

Forgot where you saved yesterday’s last-minute “doc1” at 5:29pm? SharePoint will find it! Search for content within files or filter results by date so you’ll never have to start again.


Opening folders within folders within folders? SharePoint has a better way! Tagging with words organises files intuitively, so departments and individuals can find relevant files with ease.

Web Interface

SharePoint is accessed via the web and is compatible with all major browsers, which means you can access files from anywhere and on all your devices without downloading a dedicated app.

What our customers say:

Shipleys LLP

"We were very impressed with HG Technology implementing our SharePoint project. It all ran on time and to budget which was especially impressive given all was done during remote working. They listened to our requirements and we are very pleased with the finished result" Robert Wood, Principal

Salix Finance

"HG Technology took the time to understand our processes and the requirements that we had, showing their experience and expertise to make suggestions that we would find beneficial. Overall, they created a highly effective cloud based document management system for Salix Finance" Abdul Kamil, Senior Business Analyst