July - 2023


In July Millie went to Bratislava to review the RESCO inspections and customer services producsts with the team there. This is part of our partner programme with them and the details are nicely contained in this video.Millie at Resco

April - 2023

2022 ended on a high with it being our best year yet. 2022 brought plenty of new customers, such as Great Portland Estate, as well as a new member of the team, Malcolm our Commercial Director. Our project with Great Portland Estate consisted of the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, in conjunction with the migration of their existing files, which were previously stored on their local server. Our SharePoint project is continuing to grow, with the automation and digitisation of their internal forms now underway. Some members of the HG team were fortunate enough to jet off to Lisbon to speak at Resco.NEXT. This opportunity allowed us to meet the Resco team in person, at long last, as well as share our success story with Breedon’s implementation of resco.Inspections. Our partnership with Resco continues to grow, with 2023 being the year of expansion for resco.Inspections. With a lot of exciting plans for 2023, we are looking to continue to expand the team, broadening our knowledge base and increasing our capabilities. Click here to watch our Resco.NEXT success story

January - 2023

Human Risk Management.

HG Technology have been working with USecure for a year now. They provide an excellent web application for staff. This is there thoughts on GDPR.
The General Data Protection Regulation is one of the strictest privacy regulations in the world. Companies that fail to protect customer data with security measures and correct handling can face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover - whichever is higher. Here's how usecure helps your organisation with GDPR compliance. Staff training It's essential that all staff members are aware of the GDPR, the company's responsibilities, and their own duties. Under the GDPR, a data request can be made by a customer to any representative or employee of a company - so regulators expect every member of staff to be trained to pass request onto the correct channels. With uLearn, you can train your end users in:
GDPR. This course gives your end users an overview of the regulation, what the rights of individuals are and why it's so important to protect customer data.
Protecting Personal Data (GDPR). This course gives end users specific, actionable steps they can take in their daily job roles to protect data - like ensuring they protect accounts with strong passwords, and lock their computer when they're away.
GDPR for Senior Staff Members. This course is aimed at company directors and senior management, who will need to know what is expected of their business in data protection practices.
Staff testing It's important that staff are trained to detect the signs of phishing emails and to ask for help whenever they're in doubt. Phishing simulation raise awareness about the threat of phishing, measure the company's risk rate, and can also be used to demonstrate to senior management the real risk present in the workforce and why it needs to be addressed.
Use uPhish Templates. uPhish has a library of realistic email and landing page template that you can use to send out end-user simulations.
Build your own. uPhish Email Builder and uPhish Landing Page Builder allow you to build your own custom templates that you can use across your customer base to send out exactly the phishing simulation you want.
Staff sign-on Policies allow you to clearly set out what is expected of your end users. They make it easy for end users to know what they are required to do, and also allow you to provide evidence that you had strict guidance in place should a breach occur.
Data Protection Policy. Use the Data Protection Policy template to craft a policy you can send out to your end users, and easily track the signatures through uPolicy. You can also send the policy out for regular re-signs to ensure that awareness is maintained.

October - 2022

Lifesciences REIT. We continue to work with large property owners and are pleased to be appointed as the technology partner to Lifesciences REIT. Lifesciences REIT was floated in 2022 and is a specialist property owner providing facilities to the laboratory and pharma industries.

July - 2022

Property Managment and SharePoint GPE commissioned HG Technology to manage their migration from local file servers to SharePoint. This involved a consultancy phase working with staff across all departments and following migration further training and go live support. We look forward to issuing a detailed case study following completion in 2023.

February - 2022

Cyber Security. 2022 has gotten off to an exciting start for the HG team. We have been busy, as usual, working with existing customers as well as getting new projects underway. Over recent months the team has been busy brushing up on their security knowledge in order to successfully conduct several customer Cyber Security Audits. Cyber Security Audits are something that we have conducted for years. However, due to the pandemic and working from home, it has become increasingly important to keep on top of both company and employee security. In 2020, on average, a hacker attack happened every 39 seconds (Cybint), and 43% of cyber attacks happened to small businesses. Cyber security statistics have rocketed over the past 2 years, however, 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error (Cybint), therefore it’s clear that educating staff can lead to a significant reduction in security breaches. And that’s where we come in! Not only do we educate companies on how to best protect themselves and their employees, but we directly train employees on best practices and top things to avoid when it comes to their security. Stats:

December - 2021

2021 year in review. 2021 has been another exciting year for HG Technology! We continue to be the partner of choice for SharePoint implementations, with highlights from the year including Alpha Real Capital - one of the largest property investment groups based in London, and Shipleys LLP - a UK top 60 Accountancy firm. As part of our advisory services, we are very pleased to support Lifesciences REIT - a new entrant on AIM with a successful IPO OF £350m. Having taken on some new and exciting clients, HG Technology’s customers market capitalisation value is now well over £6 billion.
We have recently won a contract with the Breedon Group - one of the leading UK cement and quarry companies. Breedon has retained our services to advise and assist in implementing Inspection Software which is being rolled out at one of their larger quarries in the Peak District.
HG Technology has now been based in Abu Dhabi, as well as the UK, for over a month. Having made some new connections, we are ready to expand our contacts and clientele in the Middle East.
Our core services this year, including document management, reporting services and CRM, have been strengthened by our considerable skills in Power Platform Apps. With some exciting work lined up, we are eager to start the new year.
To be kept updated on HG Technology, and what the team is up to, please follow our  LinkedIn page.

September - 2021

Alpha Real Capital SharePoint Integration 2021 has been an exciting and innovative year for HG Technology. Our team has expanded as we have taken on new members of staff, allowing us to broaden our skillset as a business. We have undertaken one of our largest SharePoint implementations yet, offering Alpha Real Capital an efficient cloud-based document management system. We are also one step closer to expanding into the Middle East, a goal we hope to achieve before the end of the year.

April - 2021

The year so far This year has got off to an exciting start. Not only do we have a new addition to the HG team, but we are proud to announce that we are now running an apprentice scheme. We have made great progress with our plans to expand into the Middle East as well as doing some exciting work for organisations such as Shipleys LLP and Alpha Real Capital.

January - 2021

Practice Engine Integration We are pleased to complete another two SharePoint transfers and in particular, a move from an onsite Document Management System to cloud-based SharePoint. As part of the process, we added nice features like a document in-tray and template automation. We have connected SharePoint to Practice Engine, one of the major time billing systems used by professional services firms, enabling consistent account and contact information throughout the organisation.

December - 2020

Microsoft Silver Partner
We are proud to announce that HG Technology is now a Microsoft Silver Partner! After a somewhat strange year, all of our hard work has paid off, and we are pleased to be ending it on such a high note. This partnership represents Microsoft's recognition of the quality solutions and services that we provide our customers.

October - 2020

New Staff Over the past few months we have had a few changes to our staff. George, who has been with us for many years, has recently started studying in Barcelona. Thankfully, he will still be working with us part-time, continuing with SharePoint implementation. Furthermore, we have taken on two new members of staff - Khalid Muhdar (our Business Analyst) and Millie Beere (our Marketing Executive). We look forward to a very exciting next few months.

May - 2020

CoVid 19 Working from home SharePoint guide This month we have collaborated with one of our partners RAMSAC, to provide a general guide and assistance on SharePoint.

March - 2020

CoVid 19 With most companies moving to home and remote working the Microsoft Office 365 online infrastructure has become a necessity for business survival. We have been assisting our customers with Teams training and tools to aid remote working. Microsoft Teams the replacement for Skype and Skype for Business provides video calls, calls and chat for easy communication and a sharing platform for projects and groups to collaborate.

November - 2019

Guys and St. Thomas Charity & Leadiant Biosciences GmbH (Munich) Two further SharePoint projects moving large document and datasets from a folder based system to a cloud-based modern restructured document management system. This involved setting up a German data environment and working with local teams to deliver a secure system for now and the future. One of the key drivers for change was fear of ransomware and the confidence in a new system to provide resilience.

September - 2019


Covent Garden Market Authority appointed HG to help them move their 2007 SharePoint system to something more robust, modern and in the Cloud.

July - 2019

Warwick Interns HG has formed a partnership with Warwick University and took on 3 interns for the Summer. Polina (studying BioChemistry) is working on internal systems, marketing, business development and client reviews. Amar (Bachelors in BioMedical and Business and Finance Masters student) is working on Business Analysis and Implementations. Sanal (Technology student) is working on a development project providing one of our customers with a cloud-based property information system.

January - 2019

Start of a new year After a relaxing Christmas break, January has been a very busy month to start the new year, with a number of projects approaching important stages. We've been focussing primarily on Business Reporting- which is set to be the subject of our next Opinion Piece- and CRM, alongside a number of bespoke developments for our clients.

December - 201

Year in review 2018 was a year of strong growth for HG Technology with new staff, an increasing client base and branching out into new specialities. We'll be looking to build on this in 2019, and ensure that, as always, we provide the best possible service to our clients.

November - 2018

ProBono A celebration of Pro Bono Economics Volunteering. One of our customers, Pro Bono Economics, recently held an event at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in London to celebrate their volunteers, and we were delighted to be invited. It was a fantastic evening, with fascinating talks and discussions about the work that Pro Bono do, and the people they help.

October - 2018

Cotswold School Careers Fair HG Technology recently ran a stall at the Cotswold School Academy's Careers Fair in Bourton-on-the-Water, talking about the opportunities available for a career in Technology. It was great to be able to pass on some knowledge to students of GCSE age to aid in their subject choices for their A-levels, and to see much interest in IT. We also ran a leaderboard for the highest score in a reaction time game, with the winner receiving an edible prize!

September - 2018

Hartpury Hartpury RFC HG Technology are pleased to be sponsoring Hartpury RFC again for the coming Rugby Championship season. The Club has risen through the ranks of English Rugby in recent years, and holds an excellent reputation for producing talent of the highest calibre. We wish them all the best for the coming season, and will be watching keenly!

July - 2018

New Graduates Congratulations to Gavin Haseler and George Collier, who have both graduated from the University of Sheffield with BSc(Hons) degrees in Economics. Both beginning full time positions with HG Technology, with Gavin starting as a Business Analyst and George as an Implementation Consultant. We look forward to their start!

March - 2018

SharePoint Implementations March saw a large focus on providing SharePoint services for our clients, with a number of migrations to cloud-hosted servers. We successfully designed, developed & implemented 2 new sites for our existing clients, and we're always glad to hear that they're delighted with the results.

February - 2018

New Starter HG Technology's latest recruit is George Collier, who also studies economics at the University of Sheffield. He's joining the team as an intern, focussing mainly on Customer Relationship Management.