Photo Uploader

PowerApps and Power Automate

At HG Technology we have utilised the PowerApps functionality and integrated this with SharePoint to create an application that makes uploading photos quick and easy. We have found that this application has been particularly beneficial to organisations in the property industry who conduct regular property visits. Simply open the app on your mobile, select the property you are inspecting, take a photo and hit save. The photo is then stored and uploaded to SharePoint, being saved in the correct location.

Photo Uploader

Microsoft Power Apps work seamlessly on Android and Apple, reducing development time and costs and provides a great user experience. Our photo uploader works with your phone's' camera along with 4G, to upload the image and names it appropriately and store the file in a relevant library on SharePoint.

Photo Uploads


What our customers say:

WK Nowlan

"HG Technology worked closely with our internal stakeholders to understand our business. That combined with their own considerable experience delivered a very successful implementation for us." Killian O'Higgins, Managing Director